Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I feel like I am utterly spent today!!!! I have been working all morning on shows for the University and on so many other things. I have shut myself so deep inside the studio trying to catch up. I am beginning to feel the effects of not taking enough breaks as I am becoming very tired. We have hit the full stride of UPS peak season, meaning longer hours, more distractions, and about triple the workload. I am swamped from the moment I walk through the door to the moment I leave and though it is only a part time job, those five and a half hours feel like an eternity. Glenn has become a driver working all day as I work all evening, just passing each other in my office at work and maybe get to spend an hour in the evening when I am off. I feel a bit unbalanced. Just trying to survive and regain my self. I am planning to take the first week of January off. It will be the first real vacation I has had in years, since the trip to Europe last summer seemed to be all about work. I need to find a remote place, where I can think about nothing and enjoy a separation from my environment. This blog project, the website have taken a toll that I am beginning to feel. Perhaps I just need a walk in the warm sunlight. It beautiful today, I think I will get out.

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