Monday, March 5, 2012

Reconnecting to the Inner Passions

I have reached a quandary in the direction I need to go? The website seems to have grown, although it has become a lot of work, but the focus of the work seems more based in the business of maintenance and refining the underlying structure. What I really miss and love is the daily blog and connecting my thoughts, concepts, and ideas into the project. It is becoming more and more difficult to understand where the focus needs to be and what takes priority. I still work a part time job for UPS in the evenings and recently my two other management partners have quite so I am dealing with the turmoil of that environment as well. I felt last year’s blog project was important enough and there still seems to be massive enough traffic on it that I have spent a great deal of time the past month trying to clean up and create an integration into the new site. I have also been shooting a tremendous amount of new work with new models, trying to refine what I think is becoming my style. But what I seem to be lacking is the addition and updating of new content to the site. Yes I have now built and created galleries of last year’s blog posts, but it seems to be a rehashing of old ideas. It is also creating a broader perspective of my body of work that I am hoping will begin to expand into new galleries. My life seems to have become a flow of diligent work toward this end that I am becoming very absorbed within. But it just seems to take more of my time than what is available to go around. Perhaps I would need a staff of people to pull of what it is I envision and dream of what the project should become. How do I prioritize where my energy needs to go? How do I find time for myself? Is this me? Not many people get an opportunity to stir their imagination and explore their creative side as much as I have. This appreciation grows day by day as overwhelmed as I may feel. This site has become a legacy of who I am and how I have lived my creative life. The network seems to grow closer and closer to my home as I am reaching to understand my own community and the source from where my creativity springs. This too takes time.

The other day I set up a connection to things I love by creating The Naked Man Project Store. It is a store that contains many of the books and media that is dear to me. That which has inspired, captivated, and excited me toward my creative process. It has been fun to revisit all that and make the connection to that past. In a way it sort of defines my present and reminds me of my dreams. I love books and they are the passion of my existence. I am currently watching a series called The Tudors and see a living painting in every image. This is what creativity is about; to stir the imagination, to see beyond and within ourselves what it is we desire to become.


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